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Women Fight Back - Urban Krav Maga with Claire Bott


Too many women today have been taught to believe that they “can’t” defend themselves, or that “fighting back doesn’t do any good” against an attack. UKMW aims to stamp out these myths, and to provide women with effective self-defence techniques.

Come and join us at The Annex for self defense classes on Wednesdays specifically for women. Classes are led with Claire Bott, 1st Female UKM instructor in the UK. See Claire's website for more details.

Class is £ 4 for an hour session!

Places are limited so please book your place in advance by emailing

UKMW is the women-only branch of Urban Krav Maga. UKM is an established and internationally successful martial art, founded by Stewart McGill .

FAQ with Claire on Urban Krav Maga

What you can achieve? You can commit as much or as little time as you like. Most UKMW techniques are quite simple and straightforward. My aim is that someone could come to a single class and walk away with something that will be useful to them; but equally, coming on a regular or semi-regular basis will strengthen your understanding of the techniques and the degree to which they become second nature to you. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

What’s the difference between this and the mixed-gender class?  As far as the techniques themselves go, very little. The main difference is that the women’s class focuses more on defending against the kind of attacks that women are most likely to face.